Best Destinations in World to Book Yoga Retreats


Have you ever wondered why there is so much buzz around yoga retreats? If you still have the cliché notion that retreats are only undertaken by expert yoga practitioners then you must update your knowledge about the same. These days you can take a yoga retreat for a variety of purposes that includes yoga learning, meditation, learning ayurvedic cooking, exploring martial arts, enjoying yogic dance, and many more activities. However, before you go on to book yoga retreats; do remember to set the priority clear to enhance the joy of the sojourn.

Pick these places for the Yoga Retreats:

Typically, beautiful locations situated in the lap of nature are considered the best for taking yoga retreats. Far away from the hustle and bustle of a city life, these places offer a perfectly peaceful setting to immerse in the surroundings and do the things that you enjoy.  However, there are many top retreat destinations which are frequently visited by millions every year, some of which are in these seven countries:

India: Being the birthplace of yoga makes India a popular destination for yogic learning. Till date, this country has successfully managed the reputation of a center for learning this ancient health science. Taking a retreat here means you will get a chance to master the various intricacies of yoga, pranayama and breathing patterns; interaction with spiritual gurus on various subjects and ample encouragement to rediscover the inner self. Besides, in popular places like Rishikesh, Kerala, and Goa, you get the affordable yoga retreats with an added advantage to enjoy Ayurvedic spa sessions and relish the taste buds with authentic home-cooked sattvic food.

Nepal: When it comes to enjoying Yoga Holidays, Nepal offers a bunch of goodies. Nestled close to the Himalayan ranges, this country provides a lush green setting that will help you indulge in yoga learning, meditation, and breath control techniques. By letting yourself ‘wander’ in its breathtaking and serene natural landscape, you can definitely enhance the wellness quotient.

Thailand: Another popular destination in Asia is the beautiful beach country of Thailand. Here, you can book retreats and be sure to enjoy the world-class facilities in the leading yoga resorts that provide a complete package to rejuvenate. Just a throw away distance from its vast coastline, these top-rated resorts allow you to uncover the power of different forms of yoga that include Hatha yoga, Hot Yoga, and many more. To further unwind, you can simply go to a Vedic spa and allow the masseuse to lower down the stress within a few minutes.

Indonesia: In this country, your wellness desire will resume to Bali, courtesy of its stunning and picture-perfect coastline. Consider a couples retreat in this destination and enjoy a yoga and surf holiday that will equip you and your partner with the skills to maintain a balance both on and off the water. Besides, you also get the chance to try traditional cooking and spend hours touring the rice paddy fields and seeing a volcano.

Spain: Well known for its warm weather and beautiful beaches, Spain offers a wide number of choices when it comes to a yoga retreat. Whether you choose Ibiza or the Albir, there is no dearth of retreat centers that provide facilities for yoga, meditation, and other healing options. Here, you can decide to explore the lush Mediterranean landscape of this European country or simply indulge in practicing yoga that is immersed in its folk culture.

Cambodia: If you are searching for a place that can rekindle the magic of life, then Cambodia is definitely the one. Spending a few weeks on a yoga retreat here will convert into enhanced awareness about your true self and a down to earth approach towards life. Here, you can opt for the Integral Yoga and Meditation program to understand the fundamentals of this health science.

Wherever you decide to go for the next yoga retreat, take it as a chance to detach from the chaotic world. Just relax and store back the energy that you might have lost due to a hectic lifestyle. Remember, nature is the best healer and it has the greater power to fill you with exuberance.

Author: Wanderlust Yoga Retreats

Author Bio: Wanderlust Yoga Retreats is a team of spiritualists and yogis by heart and travelers by soul on this journey to bring together yoga lovers across the planet as a single community entrenched in the heart and spirit of authentic Yoga Life.