Thailand Travel

Thailand – aptly named “The Land of Smiles” – is a place that never fails to impress. Be it for leisure or for wellness, the land, and its beaches keep tourists and travelers engaged throughout their time here.

With 1 USD valuing over 30 THB, It is an obvious choice for westerners to spend their winter break in.

Thailand also offers numerous result-oriented wellness holiday options to people specifically looking to relax and rejuvenate. It is not just the serene beaches but also the kind hospitality extended by the Thais that does the trick.

While Out On A Wellness Retreat in Thailand, One Can Also:

  • Indulge in Beach-Hopping
  • Go on a Detox-Drive
  • Enjoy Calming Massage-Sessions
  • Enjoy the Culture Completely Different from Theirs
  • Bask in the Spirituality this Place has to Offer

The Waterfalls, the Emerald Buddha, and Scuba-Diving are the major attractions here apart from numerous beaches with pristine waters.

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Author: Wanderlust Yoga Retreats

Author Bio: Wanderlust Yoga Retreats is a team of spiritualists and yogis by heart and travelers by soul on this journey to bring together yoga lovers across the planet as a single community entrenched in the heart and spirit of authentic Yoga Life.