Top 10 Yoga Destinations in World

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Just Imagine – You board the flight and speed over to a quaint, picturesque location surrounded on all sides by turquoise blue waters and coconut trees. The wind blowing on your face and you unfurl your yoga mat to transcend deep into meditation. Isn’t that what you have dreamed of ever since you became a yogi?

There’s no other soul to be found except you and your yoga guru. The temperature seems to be just perfect and the sun hides behind the cloud puffs making the environment all the more serene and heavenly. And then, you start with your Trikonasana which seems to be perfectly poised for this divinely aura all around.

Magical isn’t it? No, it is not a scene from a movie. But, you can certainly witness something extraordinary like this when you travel to these 10 awe-inspiring yogic locations where nature seems to have delicately poised itself to bless all those who come in its vicinity. Scroll down to see these 10 magnificent yoga destinations.

Top yoga destinations

Author: Wanderlust Yoga Retreats

Author Bio: Wanderlust Yoga Retreats is a team of spiritualists and yogis by heart and travelers by soul on this journey to bring together yoga lovers across the planet as a single community entrenched in the heart and spirit of authentic Yoga Life.